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Single Christian Girl

  1. Coffee Dates with people who have abundant amounts of time to spend talking deep and building up! It is healthy and yes there is always time for coffee, even at 10:00 at night!
  2. Clean your room once a month, DEEP CLEAN, it is like cleaning out your mind.
  3. Buy your favorite movies, thrift stores have steals on the classics!
  4. Never underestimate the power of small groups, bible studies and or hangouts with mentors and fellow Christian women!
  5. Bible Studies – speaking of – essential, get connected with the women in your church, even if you are the youngest in the room, there is no better place to find godly women who know what’s up! And you might even find a mentor or new friend sitting next to you! Also a great way to get deeper into God’s word. Bring tissues!
  6. Drop the R-rating… honey, from someone who spent a summer living in movie theaters, its not worth the justification or money. I know your not a kid anymore, but if Jesus was sitting next to you, would your ears turn red? I don’t care how much you love Melissa McCarthy!
  7. Sit outside for 10 minutes, reflect and enjoy the creation God has placed you in. Breathe in the cool air and feel the sun on your face – or for winter months, enjoy the brisk smell of the most beautiful sight in the world SNOW!
  8. Find that one worship song that speaks volumes to you and BLAST IT LOUD, sing it, dance around and get enveloped in the moment, praising God with your all!
  9. Go to church. As easy as it is to sleep in (seems to be a current problem of mine), you still need that community and time set aside for spiritual growth. You NEED it. If you work Sunday mornings, hit the evening service, or find a church that offers Saturday -or another day- evening services (you might be surprised how many churches do this!).
  10. You are single, besides God or your parents who are you trying to please? Be YOURSELF, I cannot emphasis this enough. Find your niche, make friends you know are good for you, and make the most of the life you have.
  11. Get healthy, there is no reason to take Ice Cream and Chips too seriously. YouTube offers FREE exercise videos (Fitness Blender) lets you set up your own workout routine! Take your health seriously, this is something I have really had to work on recently #pneumonia, but you only have one body, take care of it!
  12. Embrace your beauty. God made you very specific and full of purpose, don’t let magazines, movies, TV, society or anyone tell you how you should look. Get that haircut! Wear that color! Be you! “Everyone else is taken!”
  13. Read edifying blogs (like this one)! I have a list on the right hand side of some GREAT blogs I follow, they help me think and encourage me every time I read them!
  14. Freshen up your social media! Cover photos should make you happy and “when you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothin’ at all.” Seriously, be a light to all your friends and followers. Stand out and spread joy.
  15. God has a plan for you – trust His timing. He is the master of time. Don’t worry about things, but in prayer take your needs to Him. He listens!
  16. Pray before you post. I am the worst at writing lengthy Facebook posts when I am upset, I always erase them, but I have had to learn that Facebook wont answer my prayers, God is the only one who can do that. So take those matters to Him before you spread your problems all over social media.
  17. Get involved in your Church. Youth Groups need volunteers (trust me I am one), you could be a mentor or small group leader to the young women of your church! Help out in the nursery, greet people, make the “Jesus Juice” aka Coffee, and spend time talking to your pastor – He is a great resource! There are so many ways to help out, and who knows you might just find your calling or a new found passion!
  18. Having a Church you attend is AWESOME, but don’t hesitate to feel out new things like college groups if your church doesn’t have one (single, college, young adults), It is encouraging and a great way to make new friends you age who have just as much passion about God as you do!
  19. Not all young adults need to leave the church and rebellion is an expectation from people who did it. You don’t need to go and make major life changing choices because you feel like it is expected. Find a church you feel welcome in, can get involved in and makes you excited about Sunday! God only wants you! And if people make a big deal at you Church “shopping,” tell them you don’t need that kind of negativity in your life/walk with Jesus!
  20. Take a strengths finder test. Find out what gifts you possess and jump head first into them! Not only does it help find where you fit, but helps you make your Best Yes on what you can and cannot do. Saying no isn’t always the wrong answer. #thebestyesbook
  21. Find a mentor (I am still searching), someone to hold you accountable and give encouragement! Pretty sure it Biblical!
  22. Buy a FANCY Bible, one you like and makes you want to read it. I am sure God never said it was a sin to have a Pretty Bible!
  23. Buy (and read) edifying books! Some of my favorites:
    1. The Best Yes – Lysa Terkeurst
    2. Girls with Swords – Lisa Bevere
    3. Undaunted – Christine Caine
    4. One Thousand Gifts – Ann Voskamp
  24. On that note, Read! You would be surprised how much I used to read and do now. I hardly read at all, but I notice that when I choose a book over a screen, life seems to feel real and not scripted. Take a breath and read a few pages a day.
  25. Cook for friends. I cannot wait to try this! Make an evening of chatting and practicing your cooking skills! My dream is an open door policy for my home, like how I grew up, constantly having people over for dinner, games and or a movie. Hospitality is an act that more people need to learn!
  26. Support your Church Girls Businesses! Jamberry Nails, Premier Jewelry, Thirty-One bags, Scentsy, Avon, etc. Those ladies need your support! Plus some of the parties will give you free stuff if you host, and girl, you like free stuff!
  27. On that note, also help out with Teens, buy that chocolate, buy that cookie dough, HELP THEM GET TO DISNEYLAND!
  28. Shop with a shoulder angel! Pray before you walk into a store, make a list…whatever helps you avoid the aisles of beautiful things your wallet cant afford! Being frugal sounds so old woman, but its essential for your future. Do not go out shopping after a breakup, sad movie, or bad day!
  29. LEARN HOW TO DO CHECK UPS ON YOUR CAR! No you didn’t take shop class in high school, but you should have! All girls should know how to check oil, and where to buy cheap (but good) tires.
  30. Set your standards, are you dating to date or dating to marry? Because you only have so many jellybeans and roses to hand out. Keep your heart happy and healthy.
  31. The friend-zone, as harsh as it sounds, is necessary. Sorry fellas, but in order for us to find our Mr. Darcy, we sometimes have to friend-zone the Mr. Wickams of the world! #prideandpredjudice
  32. Make a Sermon Notes Journal, apply those bullet-points and sermon illustrations. Write how you felt about the sermon and why it stuck out to you. Highlight the passages in your Bible. Study them. Get INTO God’s word!
  33. Go to Women focused Church Events or Conferences! We need to know we are among MANY MANY other women who fight the same battles and reach out for the same Savior!  You would be surprised how powerful we as a sisterhood can be for the Kingdom of God!
  34. Lose the leggings and take pride in your appearance. Don’t be that girl who leads guys astray! Stand up for your morals and show society and the world that women can look great AND modest. Now that doesn’t always mean a jean skirt and turtle neck, but make an effort to realize who you are in Christ!
  35. Read Proverbs 31 – Its the Ladies Verse! On the flip side, study the Proverbs 7 woman too!
  36. Dont feel bad if you dont have a boyfriend yet. Like I said before, God is the author of time. But also, God wants the best for His children, and only gives them good gifts. A good gift is not a mean and punk-like man in pants around his knees..sorry. And a good gift to a man is not a whining and self-centered wife. God prepares us for Mr. Right, and prepares Mr. Right for us. Trust in God to make everything perfect in its own time, and take steps to ensure you are becoming that Mrs. Right!
  37. Spend time with your family, its important!
  38. Step away from your phone…people DID survive without them 30 years ago! If you cant step away, then turn it off when you are around others. Its not only courteous but healthy.
  39. Ask questions about God and your faith! You are actually advised to!
  40. Start a routine/schedule. Wake up at a certain time, make time for God/bible study/prayer/worship, prioritize what matters, take steps to complete those goals and sleep the whole 8 hours!
  41. God gifted you with this season in your life. Embrace it, and make the most of growing and gaining knowledge and moments filled to the brink with joy!

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